Loveland Youth Soccer Association Loveland, Ohio

Say North Academy

What is SAY North Academy?

SAY North Academy ("SNA") is a program for those players who are interested in and able to play in a more competitive environment.  It is an opportunity for more advanced players to get additional touches on the ball through extra training and games.  SNA practices and games are in addition to a player's normal Rec practices and games.  

Currently, SNA includes Boys & Girls Passers, Wings, and Strikers.

Benefits of SNA:
1. More touches on the ball throughout the season (extra practices and extra games)
2. Training sessions with our Challenger trainers
3. Teams can stay together season to season and build camaraderie  
4. All games played within approximately 20 miles from Loveland
5. Off season opportunities (indoor soccer, summer league)
6. Possible local soccer tournaments

Program Overview:
SNA is a league formed with other SAY organizations to offer more competitive play in a recreational format.  
  • SNA teams will play additional games during the season. Games will be played on Sundays.
  • SNA teams will practice one night per week with the Challenger trainers and SNA coach.
  • We participate in games with West Chester, Milford, Lakota, Kings and Sycamore.
  • All SAY rules apply to the games, including each player is guaranteed two periods of playing time per game.
  • There is an additional cost with this program to participate (this pays for jerseys, ref fees and trainers)
  • Teams are formed from taking an even distribution of talent from participating teams at each level of play.
  • Potential local tournament- an additional fee on top of the SNA fee would apply.
For further questions please contact Chris Carlson