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New Rule On Headballs - Wings and Passers

Wings and Passers Coaches - reminder that beginning this season headballs are not allowed.  The specific rule for games is

  • the ball played the head (not intentional) - no penalty
  • If the player played the ball intentionally with the head  - it is a foul and a restart indirect kick awarded to the opponent.



Coaching Information

Fall 2016

----Heard it at the Coaches Meeting----
fall 2016pdf - general presentation - final.pdf

 ----- Calendar -----

August 1st- Coaches will receive their team rosters and practice schedule via email

August 1st-7th- Coaches will start contacting players on their team (please remember this is still summer so some coaches and players may be on vacations, etc.)

August 7th- Coaches Meeting 4:00 to 5:00 PM  Loveland Middle School Cafeteria (enter through the back parking lot).

August 8th- Practices will begin (dependent on the availability of the coach)

August 13th- Coaches Clinic 9:00 am Phillips Park

August 27th- Some league games begin (no games Labor Day weekend)

August 29th- Tiger Paws program begins

September 10th- LYSA Picture day

September 15th- Homecoming Parade

October 22nd- regular season ends

More details to come throughout the season!


----- Fall Highlights -----

Coaching Coordinators
will push practice plans, training ideas, drills, etc on about a weekly basis

  • Tiger Paws - Heather Murna
  • Tiger Cubs (formerly instructional) - Chris Timman
  • Passers -


Coaching Buddies match less experienced coaches with more experienced coaches

USSF Coaching License - LYSA will pay for coaches to take the USSF F License.  It's the first level license and the 2 hour on-line course offers great ideas for how to coach younger players.

Scrimmage Opportunities
- fields will be open on the Saturdays before the season begins for coaches to self schedule scrimmages using on on-line google doc sign up.  There will not be referees. Coaches can sign up with another coach to reserve a field or sign up and wait for another coach to sign up to scrimmage them.

2016 Professional Training Staff
We will have Anthony Doherty from Challenger with us again this spring. Anthony was honored as the Challenger Mid-west Coach of the Year.  Joining Anthony will be Kieron Norris.  This will be his first season in Loveland.   Anthony has been with us for over three years and knows many of our players.  He's a great teacher.  Hope you will get to know both Anthony and Kieron this spring.

 ----- Severe Weather Policy -----

Safety is the First Priority

Lightning Detection System

  • Installed at Riverview, Betty Ray and Phllips Parks
  • If lightning detected nearby -- 1 long, loud blast
  • Clear field immediately & go to safe location (not under a tree or standing in the parking lot)
  • The system will sound only once - does not keep going off
  • All Clear (30 minutes) - the system will sound 3 long, loud blasts similar to the first one.  At that time, player are allowed back onto the field
  • NOTE - if at Betty Ray, Riverview or Phillips and lightning is seen or thunder heard and the detection system does not go off -- seek shelter.  

Guidelines --- if there is not detection system at your park


  • Leave the field immediately at the first sight of lightning or sound of thunder 
  • No one my return to the field until 30 minutes have past after the last time thunder was heard or lightning seen



 ----- Concussion Training -----


Coaches- please click the link to enter your data on your Concussion Certification 

 ----- Important Policies and Procedures -----

Reschedule Policy

Severe Weather Policy

Instructional Rules

Archived Information

Heard it at the Coaches Meeting- Fall 2015

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