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Loveland Youth Soccer Association Loveland, Ohio

Questions and Answers

Which Division Does My Child Belong?

*when you register your child, their birthdate will automatically place them in the correct division!

How Much Does It Cost?

(updated 2017)

Tiger Paws (U4) $35
Tiger Cubs (U5 and U6) $75
Passers $90
Wings and Up $95


Season Info

  • Spring Soccer

*registration opens in January
*teams are formed in February
*coaches will get their rosters and practices begin in March
*games begin in April and end the weekend prior to Memorial day (unless weather related reschedules)
*8 regular season games

  • Fall Soccer

*registration opens in May
*teams are formed July
*coaches will get their rosters and practices begin August
*games begin in September and consist of 10 regular season games
*there is a Fall SAY tournament that is run to the weekend before Thanksgiving for those teams that qualify and continue to advance


Equipment Needed
Each child will need to wear shin guards and have soccer cleats or tennis shoes. Please have your child bring a water bottle and an appropriate soccer ball to each practice and game. The league supplies a uniform (jersey only) and matching socks but you will need to supply black shorts. 

Soccer Ball Sizes
Instructional and Passers- size 3
Wings and Strikers- size 4
Kickers, Minors and Seniors- size 5

Information on Specific Divisions
LYSA has two seasons of soccer, Spring and Fall. Games are played on Saturdays with a few weekday games scheduled throughout the season. 

Tiger Paws- click on link for more info
Tiger Cubs- click on link for more info

All games are in Loveland
All games are played in-house, meaning against other LYSA teams
2 practices a week for 1 hour each
Games- 10 minute quarters 7 v 7

Game are played in Loveland and neighboring locations
2 practices a week for 1 hour each
Games- 12 minute quarters 9 v 9

Game are played in Loveland and neighboring locations
2 practices a week for 1 hour each
Games- 15 minute quarters 11 v 11

SAY has changed the game format for both Minors and Seniors from 11v11 to 8v8. We see this as a positive change, which will give us greater flexibility, allow us to place more players on teams, avoid overloading teams, and ultimately give all players more playing time in games. The 8v8 format also allows players more involvement and touches on the ball during games.


Game are played in Loveland and neighboring locations
2 practices a week for 1 hour each
Games- 20 minute quarters

Game are played in Loveland and neighboring locations
2 practices a week for 1 hour each
Games- 20 minute quarters

The following items may not be worn during LYSA soccer activities for the safety of all players:
No jewelry (bracelets, necklaces, rings, watches, etc)  Band-aids can not be used to cover earrings
No ear, eyebrow, belly, cartilage or belly jewelry and No ear gauges
No hard hair barrettes or beads of any kind
No casts or hard braces and bubble wrap can not be used to over braces or casts
No toe cleats

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Where do I mail my Registration Fee check?
A. P.O. Box 263 Loveland, OH 45140

Q. I just registered my child to play. What happens next?
A. Once we receive your payment, your registration is considered complete. Your child will be part of the random, draw process we use to field our teams. If it is Fall season, the draw is held in mid-July. If it is Spring season, the draw is held in mid-February. You will find out about your child’s placement when you are contacted by his/her coach. This will not happen until AFTER the coaches meeting. Typically held early August for Fall and early March for Spring.

Q. Why can’t I request a particular coach? Or teammate for carpool purposes, etc...? 
A. SAY National guidelines require that we field all teams by random draw. All requests submitted will be disregarded. Aside from that, we have close to 1000 registrants each season and it would be impossible to manage special requests for that number of players.

Q. Can I non-request a coach?
A. Absolutely. If your child has had a coach that you believe was not a good fit for your child, you may request that he/she is not placed with that coach again. 

Q. I registered my child AFTER the on-time registration closed. Will he/she be placed on a team?
A. Our goal is to place all children, but it is not always possible. We base our team numbers and coaching needs on who is registered at the close of on-time registration. Sometimes we have players drop and we will use late registrants to fill in those holes. We hold a late draw two weeks after practices begin, to fill in available spots. Players can be added to teams up to 13 days after the team’s first game. A player that drops for a medical reason can be replaced at any time during the season.

Q. When is the late draw?
A. Typically it is held two weeks after practices begin.

Q. What does “core” mean?
A. In Wings divisions on up, we recognize cores from Fall to Fall and Spring to Spring, per SAY National guidelines. When a player moves into a new division they are in their "first" year at that division. There will be a group of players that are now in their "second" year in that division. That group of "second" year players are the core. They all played together the prior year as "first" year players. Once that group of players finishes their "second" year, they will move up to the next division, the cores are broken and they become the new "first" year players in that next division.

Q. Can I get a refund after I register?
Refunds will not be issued after registration unless for the following reasons:

· Medical reasons (player only) must include doctor’s letter and phone number for verification

· Moving out of district before the start of the season (before uniforms are distributed)

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