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I Volunteered to Coach...Now What!??!

Every LYSA Coach is a volunteer. A wonderful volunteer. Most are parents to a player on the team, but some are not. Please give your coach your upmost respect and try to put yourself in their shoes before you raise your voice at them. Try to help them out to make the team a success

Help, I volunteered as a coach! Now what do I do?

Many first time coaches volunteer or are volunteered to the job. First things first…Relax. Relax and think about how much fun you are going to have.



  • Create a fun, learning soccer environment for your players in training and in games


  • Keep it Fun!
  • Have a Plan for each practice and game.
  • Arrive Early to be ready when the kids get there.
  • Keep it simple - if you don't get it, the kids won't.
  • Read your soccer manual.
  • Check out our Coaching Links.


Team Management:

  • Prepare a list of simple and clear rules for your players and their parents. Conduct a preseason meeting to review these rules and to go over other important information and to complete important administrative paperwork.


Don't Forget:

  • Schedules and locations for practices and games.
  • Drop off and pick up times for practices and games.
  • Player responsibilities and behavior at practices and games.
  • Parent responsibilities and behavior at practices and games.
  • Player equipment (soccer ball, shin pads, soccer shoes or sneakers, water, appropriate clothing).
  • Coaching equipment (soccer balls, 25-30 cones, 10 vests/pennies, basic first aid kit, small cooler of ice and zip lock bags).
  • Fill out program registration forms and medical release forms.
  • Discuss the procedure for canceling practices and games.
  • Discuss your philosophy of coaching…it's about player development, and having fun, not winning and losing!
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