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New Rule On Headballs - Wings and Passers

Wings and Passers Coaches - reminder that beginning this season headballs are not allowed.  The specific rule for games is

  • the ball played the head (not intentional) - no penalty
  • If the player played the ball intentionally with the head  - it is a foul and a restart indirect kick awarded to the opponent.



Coaching Information

 ----- Severe Weather Policy -----

Safety is the First Priority

Lightning Detection System

  • Installed at Riverview, Betty Ray and Phllips Parks
  • If lightning detected nearby -- 1 long, loud blast
  • Clear field immediately & go to safe location (not under a tree or standing in the parking lot)
  • The system will sound only once - does not keep going off
  • All Clear (30 minutes) - the system will sound 3 long, loud blasts similar to the first one.  At that time, player are allowed back onto the field
  • NOTE - if at Betty Ray, Riverview or Phillips and lightning is seen or thunder heard and the detection system does not go off -- seek shelter.  

Guidelines --- if there is not detection system at your park


  • Leave the field immediately at the first sight of lightning or sound of thunder 
  • No one my return to the field until 30 minutes have past after the last time thunder was heard or lightning seen



 ----- Concussion Training -----


Coaches- please click the link to enter your data on your Concussion Certification 

 ----- Important Policies and Procedures -----

Reschedule Policy

Severe Weather Policy

Instructional Rules

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