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Here is How to Check Field Status

Our goal is to keep the fields open and available for practices as much as possible.  There are times that they are too wet and we risk damaging the turf which in the spring is more fragile than the fall.  

Here are the steps to take.

  • If you practice at Riverview – call the Miami Township hotline (513) 248-5513.  It is updated by 3:30/4:00 PM each day.  Miami Township makes the decision about use of their fields which we have to respect even if it seems they are being overly cautious.


  • All other fields (Home of Brave, Phillips, Betty Ray, VFW) -- check our website – field status will be updated by 3:30 PM.  We make the decision on closing those fields.  If you have questions, contact Don Wright, Field Manager @ [email protected]


  • If fields are open, you may cancel practice if you feel it’s too wet/cold for your team.  That might be relevant if you are coaching Tiger Cubs or a young Passers team.  Cold kids in wet shoes doesn't make for fun practice for anyone.


  • If fields are open, but wet or mushy:

- find firm turf and high ground
- stay out of mushy ground, 
- avoid areas with standing water
- keep players out of the goal areas - those are quickly damaged due to the heavy use they get

You are not required to practice between the lines of any field.  Often the best place when its wet is adjacent to the place you might normally practice.  

You are not allowed to practice on private, like your backyard or a common space in a subdivision.  

We trust you to take care of the fields like they were your own.

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