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New 2018 Passers Rules

There are several new rules for Passers in 2018.   The link below will give you a downloadable word document with the rules that can be printed.

New Passers Rules

First New Rule – Use of Playout Line

Field Set Up --- Each field will include a ‘playout' or 'buildout’ line that runs across the field midway between the top of the penalty box and midfield (see diagram below).  

New Rule --- On a goal kick, the team without the ball will be required to move to their side of midfield.  They will must wait there until the team with the ball advanced the ball past its playout line.

Rationale --- The objective is to give the team taking the goal kick an opportunity to move it away from its goal before the other team can play the ball.  Many kids at this age can’t kick the ball very far and often goal kicks don’t go very far.  The team without the ball can quickly attack and drive the ball back to the keeper or kick it past the end line requiring another goal kick.  This is most likely to occur when a team puts its most aggressive play in a forward position and the defending team has weaker players as backs.  

Second New Rule – Avoiding Lopsided Scores

New Rule --- If a team goes up by 5 goals over its opponent, the opposing team is allowed to add an additional player to the field.  That player may stay on the field as long as the score differential is 5 or larger.  If the score differential drops below 5, the added player is removed from the field.

Rationale --- Coaches are encouraged to not run up the score.  Sometimes it is very difficult to stop a strong team from scoring.  In the past coaches have tried taking a player off of the field.  But, that penalized playing time for the kids.  As an alternative, we are going to allow the team that is losing to add an additional player.  The hope is that another attacking player or defending player might help create more balance between the teams.  

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