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Instructional & passers - Switch sides at the halfs
Wings/Strikers/Kickers/Seniors/Minors - Switch sides every quarter

Referee Frequently Asked Questions

1. How old do you have to be to SAY ref in Loveland? 12

2. What do you have to do to become a SAY ref in Loveland? Take the SAY ref classes

3. How will I know when & where they the classes are held? Contact the ref coordinator by e-mail and they will also be posted on the web site.

4. When are SAY games played? On Saturday’s and sometimes during the week

5. Can I still ref if I also play soccer that same season? Yes, we work around your schedule

6. Can I ref with my friends? Yes, after you are trained by an experienced ref

7. Do you need any adult refs? Yes, we are always looking for adult referees

8. What divisions would I be able to ref? You have to be 2 years older than the division you ref

9. If I took the Select ref class can I ref SAY? You would have to take the SAY ref class

10. What do I have to buy to be a ref? You have to buy a referee shirt, any solid black shorts or pants, referee socks, whistle, and stop watch.

11. How much do the games pay per ref? Instructional - $10.00 Passers - $12.00 Wings - $17.00 Strikers & Kickers - $20.00 Minors and Seniors - $ 30.00

12. How long are the quarters for the different divisions? Instructional - 8 minutes Passers - 10 minutes Wings - 12 minutes Strikers & Kickers – 15 minutes Minors & Seniors - 20 minutes

13. Is there a test I have to pass to be a ref? Yes, you have to get at least a 70 % on the SAY ref test

14. Can I ref younger divisions even if I’m old enough to ref older divisions? Yes, wherever division you feel comfortable reffing

15. Do I have to provide my own transportation to and from the games? Yes

16. How many games would I be able to ref on a Saturday? I try and scheduled everyone for two games, and if I have more games to fill you are welcome to ref them

17. How many ref classes are given before the season starts? There is 1 ref class in Loveland, but other SAY districts also give classes. I will let you know when they are.

18. Would I have had to play soccer in order to be a ref? No, but that would help to understand the game better

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