Loveland Youth Soccer Association Loveland, Ohio

LYSA Board and Contact Info

Please do not look up phone numbers & call board members. Click on the board member's name to email them and we will get back to you as quickly as possible. Thank you!


LYSA Recreational Program

Brandi Aliaga +


Website Management


Liz Blackburn +


Matt Boyko +

Recreational Leagues Game Scheduling


Anthony Doherty

Professional Trainer


Rae Buck +

LYSA Representative to SAY North


Tim Burns +



Derek Caney+

Referee Coordinator

Challenger Coordinator


Stacy Egan +

Uniform Coordinator

Kelly Fahey

Tiger Paws Coordinator


Bruce Jones +


Field Management

Loveland Academy Coordination


Melanie Jones

Practice Schedules


Matt Macura +

Passers League Coaching Coordinator


Jenny Rupe +



Chris Timman

Tiger Cubs Coaching Coordinator

Loveland Storm Futbol Club

Bruce Jones *

Matt Macura +

Brad Zappin

Mike Sauer +

Rae Buck +

Brandi Aliaga +
Chris Carlson +

Tim Burns +

Matt Boyko +

* For information contact Bruce Jones at


+ Loveland Youth Soccer Association Board Member