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 Coaches Code of Ethics and Conduct

By volunteering to be a COACH (head coach or assistant coach) you are taking on an important position with great responsibility, and agree to abide by the following:

To my Players, I will

  • Create a safe environment at practices and games
  • Remember that I am a youth coach, the game is for children, not for adults, and making mistakes is a part of learning.
  • Place the well-being of the children I coach ahead of any personal desire to win
  • Be a positive role model with regard to character, sportsmanship and attitude
  • Not use profanity or abusive language or exhibit abusive behavior at games or practices.
  • Use positive feedback and not yell at players during practices or games. 
  • Become knowledgeable about coaching techniques appropriate for the skills for the age I teach, and do my best to plan practices that are challenging and fun for all my players.

To Parents, I will

  • Be responsible for the conduct of the parents of my players and the conduct of the spectators rooting for my team. I understand it is imperative to explain acceptable play and parent behavior in a preseason meeting to ensure that they exhibit maturity and sportsmanship at all times. By my example, I will encourage my team parents to demonstrate positive support for all players, coaches, and if applicable officials.
  • I will encourage parents to applaud and cheer for good plays by either team and will discourage anyone from yelling at players and the referee

To Opponents, I will

  • Respect coaches and players from the opposing team before, during and after the game
  • Take appropriate steps to minimize running up the score in games that I clearly dominate
  • Model good sportsmanship
  • I will not tolerate inappropriate behavior from players regardless of the situation. During the game, I am responsible for the sportsmanship of my players. If a player is disrespectful, irresponsible or overly aggressive, I will take that player out of the game to calm him/her down.

To Referees, I will

  • Not address the referee during the game; if I have a small issue, I will discuss it with the referee calmly and patiently at halftime or after the game. If I have a major complaint, or if I think the referee was unfair, biased, unfit or incompetent, I will report this opinion to the Referee Coordinator with the knowledge that my comments will be taken seriously
  • Do my part to ensure officials have the support of coaches, players, and spectators. Criticism of officials undermines their purpose in the game.


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