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Tiger Cubs Information

Tiger Cubs is an instructional program to introduce young children to simple ball skills and the concept of the game of soccer via a very simple 3 v3 game without scores or team standings.  The focus is on fun in a positive environment that encourages all kids to participate.

Players born in 2018 and 2019 will be placed in the Tiger Cubs program.

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Players born in 2018 and 2019


Have fun with a soccer ball; introduce basic soccer skills through fun games and drills and small sided games. (at this age, kids do not think team, they think ‘me’ and they have little spatial awareness on the field)

Team Information

Teams generally composed of 8 to 10 players. Teams are formed by birthyear (separate teams for 2018 and 2019 players) and composed of boys and girls.


One 45 to 60 minute practice a week. Focus is on fun games and activities that promote ball skill development

Player Equipment

Players need:

size 3 soccer ball with name on it

water bottle with name on it

shin guards

They may wear gym shoes or soccer cleats

Game Information

Games are played with 3 players on the field, no goalie.

Four 8-minute quarters

Scores are not kept

Two games are played simultaneously on adjacent fields. Teams are split to match stronger players against stronger players on one field and weaker players against weaker players on the other

Teams change sides at halftime

Tiger Cub Rules

No offsides

No throw ins – ball is kicked into play from touch line

Game begins with a kick off from mid field. Ball may travel any direction.

Opposing players need to stand outside the center circle.

When the attacking team kicks the ball across the end line, a goal kick is taken by the other team. Goal kicks are taken from the line running across the field in front of the goal. The opposing team will move to its side of midfield and wait until the ball is kicked before they can try to get the ball.

When the defending team kicks the ball across their own end line, the other team puts the ball into play from the nearest corner of the field.

1 coach from each team is allowed on the field -- we advise that you allow the kids to figure the game out. It will be tempting to continually direct them. Your job is point them in the right direction, give positive feedback, encourage reserved players, retrieve the ball when it goes out of bounds and help them put the ball into play when it goes off of the field.

Don’t worry if they all follow the ball in a pack.

If a team is scoring a lot of goals, be creative to give the other team opportunities to score.




There are no referees, games are managed by the coaches. If players are too assertive, gently remind them not to push and shove. Players may not use their hands, if one does. Stop play, give the ball to the other team and let them put the ball into play with a kick.



Field Diagram

Two fields with space between them for parents and coaches


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